crafted for all. just. add. booze.


Products with Purpose

We donate a portion of the profit from every item sold to The WITI Group - a 501(c)(3) foundation that provides mentorship and financial and emotional support to the future female leaders of the food and beverage service industry.


Become a Mixologist

Our six different flavors are expertly crafted, all natural herbs, spices, roots, fruits, veggies and flowers that blend together to enhance any spirit.


We named it JAB because it is that easy… just. add. booze.

JAB MiXOLOGY takes the guesswork out of crafted cocktails. With our products, you have everything to make a unique flavor experience and all you need to do is add your favorite spirit.

Simply pour the ingredients into your 16oz JAB Jar and fill. In just two hours, you will have a beautifully aromatic, flavored spirit that can be served on the rocks or topped with your favorite mixer. Visit our recipes page for ideas!

Alcohol isn’t necessary to enjoy the JAB flavor experience. The canisters of our two tea blends also can brew one gallon of light and delicious teas. And try our two Mary blends as spice mixes or rubs in culinary applications.

“These women are brilliant! [JAB Jars] are adorable all-in-one kits that smell amazing and I look forward to just add[ing] booze! The hardest part will be deciding which kind to add…”

Jennifer H.

“I just got around to trying the spicy bloody mary, it was awesome. Nice touch putting the good quality labels on the jar too, made it much easier to wash for reuse.”

Steve F.

“I tried these last weekend, they are bomb!”

Hannah S.

“Highly recommend as a tasty, fun & easy to make cocktail. I’m excited to reorder. Thank you, Christie, for creating JAB cocktails for us. Definitely needed in 2020!!!”

Susan B.

"It's lovely. I thought the flavor would be really intense, but it's just right."

Liz L.

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From an idea to the launch of a brand…

The genesis of JAB MiXOLOGY and its launch is one of those storied business pivots we’ve all been talking about as a result of COVID-19. But JAB MiXOLOGY was in the works well before everything changed.

Sitting around with friends over the holidays enjoying some beverages, our founder came up with the idea that would eventually turn into her first product line.

Having nearly 30 years of experience in the cocktail industry, she knew she could create a cocktail experience that uses only natural ingredients, infuses quickly, lasts longer on the shelf (as well as mixed in the jar) and offers a delicious and simple cocktail experience.

The result is JAB MiXOLOGY – products that bring craft cocktails into the home in an easy-to-use package that requires no mixology experience and promotes every user’s creativity.

Quality + Social Impact

Our ingredients last for two years without reducing their freshness or quality.

We only source from other small, family- and woman-owned businesses.

And $1 from every single item we sell goes to support our foundation that creates positive social impact for the food and beverage industry.

We are just getting started!

We also offer large format and proprietary development for our commercial customers.
Interested? Drop us a line at jab@cjlconsults.com.